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Congress FAMS

Ben Remington represented TNO at the 3rd international conference Food Allergen Management Symposium (FAMS) 2019, 13-16 May in Melbourne Australia with 2 presentations: Food consumption estimates for practical application in risk assessments and risk management programs. This presentation summarized the food consumption work done in iFAAM on generating food consumption databases ...Lees meer

Prize winner EAACI 2019

At the EAACI-conference Jun 1 – 4th in Lisbon, Portugal Jolanda van Bilsen received a prize for our work on the generation of causal early-life immune networks using ‘INDRA’.  Jolanda presented the application of a promising text mining/machine learning tool called INDRA, which extracts and structurally organizes relevant information from ...Lees meer

Food-borne Factors in Allergic and Inflammatory Diseases

TNO in collaboration with University Medical Centre Utrecht performs research on food-borne factors in allergic and inflammatory diseases. Our interest in this program mainly concerns the identification of factors that, either or not in interaction with the gut microbiome, influence the inflammatory state of our body. We aim to elucidate ...Lees meer