Up to one in five people of the Western population suffers from Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMIDs),
including food allergy, while in roughly half of all disorders that are not primarily classified as immune mediated disorders, inflammatory processes also play a central role (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers, infectious diseases, …). In view of their role in all these diseases, disbalances in inflammatory processes have a huge economic and societal impact.

The inflammatory state of our body and tissues results from a complex interplay between intrinsic and extrinsic factors. However, we hardly know and understand these factors and interplays. Better insight into which factors, and how these factors and interplays play a role in IMIDs is crucial for reducing the burden of these diseases and is a way in finding starting points for innovating population and personalised prevention, diagnosis, management and therapy of inflammatory disbalances and diseases.

TNO in collaboration with partners is developing an IMMUNE HEALTH MODELLING TOOLBOX, a set of interactive immune health data integration platforms that will enable us to:

  • identify extrinsic (dietary) factors that play a role in IMIDs;
  • predict the potential health outcome of qualitative and quantitative changes expected upon intervention (addition, removal or modulation of an extrinsic factor) and indicate what assays to use and what parameters to measure to assess and monitor effects;
  • produce probability curves for disease and symptoms occurrence or severity and allow risk-benefit assessment of interventions.

To ensure optimal alignment of our activities with unmet needs of stakeholders, we are actively engaging in interactions with decision makers in Food, Pharma, Biotech, and Diagnostics companies. Therefore, we invite you to discuss your needs related to IMIDs and Immune Health with us to come up with fit-for-purpose innovative data modelling solutions.

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