New sponsor program for the research on allergen and allergy management

TNO has a strong track record in innovating allergen risk assessment and risk management approaches. In 2016, the TNO Shared Research Program (SRP) Food Allergy was initiated. Together with partners we aim to accelerate several innovations supporting a safer and healthier world for food allergic people and people susceptible to the development of food allergy.


Program Line 1 of this Public Private Partnership aims to support the development and implementation of a harmonized guidance for Precautionary Allergen Labeling by solving some major hurdles currently hampering this, and to develop specific tools to support companies in their allergen management.

Topics we are working on are:

  • Increase stakeholder confidence in the safety and acceptance of reference doses
  • Develop guidance and a tool for the selection of appropriate food intake figures for the calculation of action levels and       required analytical sensitivities
  • Estimation of allergen contamination in food production, in particular particulate allergens


TNO is now offering different partnering options to enable companies, that have interests in the development of a harmonized guidance for Precautionary Allergen Labeling and/or in specific results of the program line, to join and benefit from this program line. It allows you to participate in program planning and to implement and use the results. It also offers you the opportunity to externally express your involvement in the program and your support in this societal important process.

Interested? More information on the activities planned and the benefits and partnering option is provided in the Flyer.

And contact us for more information and to discuss the partnering options.